Sonata RS Cut

The Sonata RS Cut (Rosewood/Spruce) gets its great sound from the select solid spruce top combined with the powerful rosewood body. Since time immemorial, the spruce-rosewood wood combination has been the first choice for high-quality concert guitars.

As acoustic-electric classical guitars with cutaway, the Sonata Cut models are equipped with Artesanos eSonido pickup system. This has been specially designed for the sound characteristics of the Sonatas and makes them perfect stage guitars.

The active Artesano eSonido preamp has, in addition to the usual adjustment options such as volume and 4-band equalizer, a feedback filter (notch) and an integrated chromatic tuner.

Excerpt from the test of guitar acoustic in issue 03/2010:

In the bass range, the RS Cut pushes even harder than its sister without cutaway.... The concise tone makes the lightning fingers run hot.

Three-piece neck with rosewood reinforcement

Original Spanish neck-body joint

12-hole bridge

Body inlays

Eco Tree

Protecting our forests is important. Join in!
Sustainability is becoming more and more important for all of us. The protection of nature is very close to our hearts. That is why we at ARTESANO have decided to use only wood from controlled sustainable forestry for the Nuevo, Sonata, Maestro and Flamenco series. All models of these series use these sustainable tonewoods.


    ModelSonata RS Cut
    Nut width50mm
    TopSolid spruce
    Back and sidesRosewood
    NeckMahogany, Spanish heel
    FretboardArtificial ebony
    BridgeArtificial ebony, with dual drill holes
    Nut and bridgeBone
    Machine headsDer Jung
    Soundhole inlayPearloid
    FinishNatural gloss
    StringsRoyal Classics Sonata
    OtherseSonido Preamp, Cutaway

Sonata RS Cut

Whether purely acoustic or for professional stage use: Among the Sonatas, everyone will find their personal all-round guitar.

eSonido Preamp

The eSonido pickup system, which was specially developed for ARTESANO guitars, has a 4-band equalizer in addition to the volume control in order to be able to adapt the output signal to the respective acoustic environment in the best possible way. Good readability and ease of operation were just as important during development as the quickly accessible battery compartment next to the output jack. Particularly practical for live use: the built-in chromatic tuner. The notch filter also allows unwanted feedback to be eliminated in a matter of seconds.

Instruction manual