Estudiante XC-3/4

The Estudiante XC is the student guitar par excellence. The solid cedar top in combination with mahogany for back and sides provides a beautiful and balanced sound experience right from the start.

The Estudiante includes the following extra features: X= Extra: The nut and bridge are made of bone, which provides a warm and brilliant sound. The double hole for string attachment at the bridge leads to more powerful tone due to higher string pressure on the bridge insert. In addition, one is more flexible with regard to the adjustment of the string action. Visually, the models are finished with gold tuners. In the Estudiante X series, great importance is also attached to compliance with certain specifications of the European Guitar Teachers Association, or EGTA for short. This association of recognized music educators is committed to ensuring that guitars are precisely tailored for children. This is the only way to make playing the guitar really fun and to allow the child to develop musically without restrictions. These specifications include, for example, the correct body depth, scale length, nut width and also the distance between the strings at the bridge, the so-called string spacing.

For models in sizes ½, ¾, and 7/8, these criteria make the most sense. At ARTESANO, these are implemented 100% EGTA-compliant.

Tuning stable machine heads

Fingerboard markings on the 5th and 7th frets

Estudiante Extras

Nice-shaped neck-joint


ModelEstudiante XC-3/4
Nut width48mm
TopSolid cedar
Back and sidesMahogany
FingerboardBlack Walnut
BridgeBlack Walnut, with dual drill holes
Nut and bridgeBone
Machine headsGold
FinishNatural high-gloss
StringsRoyal Classics Preludio

Estudiante XC

The student guitars from Artesano - 100% according to EGTA specifications. Both students and teachers will be thrilled.