Estudiante XA-7/8

The Estudiante includes the following extra features: X= Extra: The saddle and bridge are made of bone, which provides a warm and brilliant sound. The double hole for string attachment at the bridge leads to more powerful sound due to higher string pressure on the bridge insert. In addition, one is more flexible with regard to the adjustment of the string action. Visually, the models are refined with gold tuners. Artesano has also paid attention to high-quality workmanship in the beginner series Estudiante.

Especially the beginner should hold a guitar in his hands that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of tuning stability and sound. With the Estudiante XA model from Artesano, friends of acoustic guitar playing will find an easy entry or re-entry into the wonderful world of music making.

The Artesano Estudiante XA convinces with remarkably high quality in its price range.

Students and teachers alike will be thrilled with this mode! This model is available in 3/4, 7/8 and full size.

Tuning stable machine heads

Fingerboard markings on the 5th and 7th frets

Estudiante Extras

Nice-shaped neck-joint


ModelEstudiante XA-78
Nut width50mm
Back and sidesMahogany
FingerboardBlack Walnut
BridgeBlack Walnut, with dual drill holes
Nut and bridgeBone
Machine headsGold
FinishNatural high-gloss
StringsRoyal Classics Preludio

Estudiante XA

The student guitars from Artesano - 100% according to EGTA specifications. Both students and teachers will be thrilled.