Artesano Guitars

Which people are enthusiastic about Artesano guitars? And which people inspire other people with their Artesano?

From the beginner to the accomplished musician who wants to use a classical guitar as a stylistic device in the studio or on stage, to the ambitious classical guitarist and guitar teacher, everyone will find their favorite guitar at Artesano.

Eco Tree

Protecting our forests is important. Join in!
Sustainability is becoming more and more important for all of us. The protection of nature is very close to our hearts. That is why we at ARTESANO have decided to use only wood from controlled sustainable forestry for the Nuevo, Sonata, Maestro and Flamenco series. All models of these series use these sustainable tonewoods.


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The history of the guitar

The evolution of the guitar over time ...

The 12-hole bridge

Why does Artesano use this special bridge?

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