Flamenco S

Bring fire into your everyday life with the Artesano Flamenco S!

Thanks to the use of Yellow Cedar for back and sides, which is amazingly close to the cypress wood traditionally used for these components, this Artesano authentically reproduces the explosive flamenco sound.

Key features of this flamenco guitar in contrast to the other ARTESANO classical guitars are its low bridge and the resulting flat string action, the transparent golpeador to protect the top, and of course its fiery orange body.

  •    Yellow Cedar for explosive flamenco sound
  •    Fiery orange body
  •    Golpeador applied to the top included
Main Features:
  • Nut width: 52mm
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany, Spanish heel construction

Body bindings

12-hole bridge

Ebony fingerboard and low Flamenco string action


ModelFlamenco S
Nut width52mm
TopSolid spruce
Back and sidesYellow cedar
NeckMahogany, Spanish heel construction
BridgeArtifical ebony, with dual-drill holes
Nut and bridgeBone
Machine headsGold, smooth action
FinishNatural high-gloss
StringsRoyal Classics Sonata
Recommended retail price€ 479,00
Flamenco S
Flamenco S
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  • Sound sample 2

  • Sound sample 3

The Flamenco guitar

Deeply rooted in the Spanish culture - The Flamenco Guitar. What makes it special? Its wood selection and construction is aimed primarily at a fast, loud response and a percussive sound. Because of the fast playing technique, the string action of a flamenco guitar is also lower than that of a traditional classical guitar. This flat string action often suits acoustic-steelstring  and electric guitar players. A golpeador protects the instrument from the percussive playing style.

A flamenco guitar does not have to cost a fortune. This is proven by the Artesano Flamenco S, which is solidly made overall and has good woods and components. If you want to learn more about the playing techniques of flamenco, the Artesano Flamenco S is a reliable and affordable entry-level model.

Lukas Freitag
guitar acoustic