Ready for the stage: In addition to the purely acoustic versions, some ARTESANO Sonata and Nuevo models are also available with cutaway and eSonido Preamp, ARTESANO's active pickup system with built-in tuner. Even unamplified, they sound like fully-fledged concert guitars, but can also assert themselves perfectly when electrically amplified for live use or in a band. If, for example, a classical guitar is to be used as a stylistic device in pop music, the ARTESANO Sonata models with eSonido system are ideally suited for this. Because the output signal also sounds authentically like a concert guitar, as musicians are entitled to expect.

Here you can download the PDF (1,33 MB) file.

Test report of the Gitarre&Bass

"Plugged in, it turns out that the developers of the eSonido system have done a good job: Both over a mixing console and with closed headphones, as well as played over an acoustic amp, it becomes clear that the different sound characteristics of the two models are transmitted very well by the pickup. So you hear the guitar and not just the piezotypical PU sound. The three frequency bands are well tuned and tailored to the specific frequency response of the classical guitar. Even if no mixer with high-quality filters were available in the live situation, you should be able to get close to your own sound ideal with this. The Brightness control influences a frequency band even beyond the Treble control and does what the name suggests:..."