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Nuevo Limited 2022

The Artesano Nuevo Limited 2022 is the all solid, acoustic-electric nylon string model in the trendy mahogany look par excellence.

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Sonata SES Limited 2021

The anniversary model for the 10th anniversary of ARTESANO - the Sonata SES Limited.

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Maestro S

All-solid & in the traditional Spanish style

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Flamenco S

Bring fire into your everyday life with the Artesano Flamenco S!


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Nuevo Azul

Classical guitar with a difference! The Nuevo Azul lets you dive into the deep expanses of sound.

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Nuevo Verde

The all-solid, modern classical guitar!

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Nuevo Brillante BS

Decades of Spanish guitar building tradition meets modern and naturally chic design, the Nuevo Series by Artesano.

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Nuevo Brillante BS Cut

The modern, stage-ready acoustic-electric guitar - Fresh design meets Spanish guitar building tradition.

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Nuevo Brillante BS Cut Thin

Thinline models are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so.

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Nuevo Exotico

The spectacular eye-catcher - The concert guitar for lovers of exotic Ziricote wood.

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