Where should I store my guitar?

The guitar is an instrument that should be treated with great care, thanks to the delicate nature of the wood that it is comprised of. The wood will expand when the humidity is too high and "contract" when it is dry (for example, in the winter as your home is being heated). The guitar should be kept at a constant temperature as much as possible. If you put it against the wall, near a heater or window, the wood will be affected by the changes in temperature, and it will also cause the strings to go out of tune faster. We recommend storing guitars at a relative humidity of 40-50% at a room temperature of 21° Celsius.

Guitar on the wall

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the guitar hanging on the wall doubles as a piece of musical art. But, if the guitar is hanging on the wall, you run the risk of disaster should anything cause the instrument to fall. In addition, not every wall in the home is insulated identically, and this could cause temperature stress for your instrument. For example, your classical guitar hangs very securely in a Hercules wall mount for classical guitar.

Guitar in stand

Having your guitar in a handy nearby stand is one way to ensure that you play it more often.This variant of "storage" is best suited for people who like to spontaneously reach for the guitar from time to time, but this also exposes the delicate wood of the guitar to swings in the ambient air. If you cover the guitar with a cloth or a top, for example, you can keep the conditions  for the guitar relatively constant. Secure support offers you, for example, guitar stands with AGS system for your instrument.

Guitar in case

It is best to store the guitar in the appropriate guitar case in a room with constant temperature and humidity. And don't forget to practice. Make a practice schedule or a set a reminder to practice in your calendar.